Sofa and Carpet Cleaning

You home is the best place to invite friends and relatives for a gathering. At times there are several kids who come to your place and it is litrally impossible to ask them not to clim on the sofa with their shoes not and not to have eatables on them and spilling on them. Therefore dry cleaning of sofa once in a while becomes a necessitity. There are several cleaners whon offer cheapest range to dry clean your sofa and carpets.

Such cleaners use harsh chemicals to clean the sofa and the carpet which are harmful for health.

Please Note :

Do not use the sofa for 1-2 hours after the clean-up. Allow it to dry completely.

Cleaning Process

Dry Vacuuming using vacuum cleaner to remove dust

Shampooing using biodegradable solution or imported liquid

Wet vacuuming post shampooing for removing dirt

Polishing is done for leather sofas also.

Sofa 300/- Rs per seats
Carpet 20/- Sq feets
Recliner 800/- Rs per seats
Dining Chair 150/- Rs per chair
Small cusion 50/- Rs per cusions
Big cusion 100/- Rs per cusions
Single Mattress 700/- Rs per matteress
Double Mattress 1200/- Rs per matteress

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