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Terms & Conditions

Smart Kar Kare Services(SKKS)
1. These services are valid for only one vehicle.

2. The Company reserves the right to change the allotted time for service with a prior notice and agreement with the customer.

3. SKKS would need a maximum of 4 (four) working days to start the service. In the event if the service is not given in 7(seven) working days, then the membership fee will be refunded within one month period excluding the bank charges/financial institution’s processing charges if any.

4. The membership is not transferable to other members/location unless supported by supporting documentation such as transfer letter, Change in vehicle registration certificate etc.. In such case, if the new location does not have SKKS service, then the service will be terminated by SKKS but no refund will be given.

5. All services are subject to realization of cheques/DDs/fund transfers etc.. All

expenditures incurred for the said defaults shall be at the cost of the customer only.

6. SKKS has the right to revise the product fee.

7. SKKS will provide the complete car clean as per chosen plan. The customers need to provide the required water for such car washing.

8. SKKS tries to facilitate specific dates/days of customer choice, the final schedule is specified by SKKS.

9. SKKS services will not be available on Govt. declared holidays.

10. The Services are provided only to the Registered Vehicle and the services are not transferable to any other vehicle under any circumstances.

11. The Services cannot be rendered in case of unforeseen circumstances like,

a. Floods

b. Earth-quake

c. Riots

d. Curfew and any other inevitable calamities.

e. Act of God and other circumstances which are beyond the control of the management.

12. The company shall maintain accuracy on the timings of the service, but however in case of any delay the customers may bear with us. The customers should not make the servicing staff to wait, for no reason.

13. The customer must ensure the availability of the car at the chosen time on failing which the service will not be provided and no fault is assumed from SKKS side.

14. Customer to provide power connectivity for vacuum cleaning Pressure Wash Machine, Polisher.

15. SKKS has the right to reject the membership without showing any reason.

16. Customer need to provide a hassle free access to his car parking place without which the service will not be delivered. It is customer’s responsibility to get necessary permissions to provide access to parking place.

17. The company has the right to change the facilities offered under different service plans and re-classify the vehicle categories

18. After servicing, the customer may proper check before service team leaving. Afterthat the company is not held responsible for any mechanical fault in a car.

19. The Company is not held responsible for the loss of any valuables in the car. The customers may have a proper check before handing over the vehicle to the servicing staff.

20. Company maintains a database of the customer and the related information. The information will not be shared with anyone unless the customer acceptance is provided. However, the data may be shared on need basis under any statutory obligations.

21. The Company has a right to use any product in its cleaning process and the customer has no choice in this regard, but the company assures that it maintains the standard and the quality of service.

22. For any complaints, customer may talk to the SKKS complaint cell. In 3 working days time, SKKS will provide necessary action.

23. SKKS has the right to add/delete/modify the terms and conditions in the best interest of its business. Jurisdiction: Any dispute arising between both the parties will be decided in accordance with Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and the place of jurisdiction will be Delhi, in the state of Delhi.

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