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Car Interior Cleaning Pakage

How much you protect your car from dust, stains etc. but in the long run these problems do arise in your car. People generally clean the exteriors of the car and avoid the interiors. One reason of this can be that people believe that the exteriors of the car is what attracts more eyeballs than interiors. Also owners find it difficult to clean the interiors of the car. Skks takes good care of your automobile by offering you various packages for cleaning the interiors of your car. From carpets to sofas we dry clean all. Vacuum cleaning the interiors will remore all the airborne dust particles Skks cleans and polishes your car dash board. We use silicon free products to clean the interiors of your car.

Car Interior Cleaning Pakage

Skks offers Silver, Platinum and Platinum Plus economical car cleaning packages from which you can select the one which suits you the best.

What We Do :- ( Car Interior Cleaning )

Car Interior Carpet vacuum cleaning

Car Seats Dry cleaning

Car Doors Cleaning & Shining

Car Roof Dry cleaning

Car Dash Board Cleaning & Shining

Price List

Single visit
Four Visits
Six Visits
(Platinum Plus)
Small Segment Rs.700 Rs.2400 Rs.3000
Luxury Rs.900 Rs.3200 Rs.4200
LUV Rs.1100 Rs.4000 Rs.5600
SUV Rs.1300 Rs.4800 Rs.6600
MUV Rs.1500 Rs.5600 Rs.7800
Premier Luxury Rs.1500 Rs.5400 Rs.12000
Royal Segment Rs.2500 Rs.9600 Rs.13800

Choose your Car Segment

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