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Car Under body coating Pakage

Whenever you buy a new car it generally comes with a under body coating which keeps the automobile at bay from corrosion and scratches. But this coating lasts for only 2-3 years and after that it has to be redone. The car has two types of coatings Upper Body coating and lower body coating. Upper body coating is done to prevent rusting of the car body and the engine. Over body coating is done to preserve the shine of the car and safeguard it against scratches.

Car Under body coating Pakage

At Skks we offer you under body coating at a very affordable price. We care for your automobile and we advise you to take good care of it. India’s climate is such that corrosion is bound to happen and therefore it is better to keep your car coated to avoid rusting.

What We Do :- ( Car Under body coating )

For Protection:- Against costly body repairs caused by rust and corrosion. It penetrates all corners and cracks to give you maximum protection

For Comfort:- It seals your car against drafts, dust, corrosion and road noises.

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