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Car Glass cleaning Treatment Package

The first thing you notice in a car is the shinny and clean glasses. The glasses make a huge impact on the look of the car. Clean windows enhance the visibility of the driver as well. Dust particles are easily removed from the windows but at times the stain on the glass just refuses to go. It is then that you think of getting your car glasses industrially cleaned. These days there are several products available in the market which comprises of fibrous materials scientific material that cleans the glass without leaving behind any streaks, dust particles or lint traces.

Car Glass cleaning Treatment Pakage

At Skks we do not use ammonia products as they release unhealthy and dangerous fumes which are harmful when inhaled. We clean and polish your car window which will not let dust particles to sit on the windows and will give perfect clarity to your automobile glasses.

What We Do :- (Car Glass Cleaning Treatment )

Anti Glare Glass Treatment: This treatment reduces glass streaks and Scratches, rainbow marks and thus improves the quality of vision and overall visibility.

B. Nano Glass Coating:- Based on chemical Nanotechnology, Nano Glass Coating forms a thin, hygienic, transparent layer over any glass window surface, which provides excellent water, dirt and grime roll-off, as well as providing protection, high transparency, and significantly reduced maintenance costs. Act as a dust repellent and also improves visibility during rain.

Price List

Car Segment Anti Glare Glass Coating Nano Glass Coating
Small Segment    
Premier Luxury    
Royal Segment    

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